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Malang is about 90 km south of Surabaya, about 2-3 hours by road. There are several options to go to Malang. First, you can take a direct flight from Jakarta to Malang (Abdulrahman Saleh Military Airport) which take approximately 2 hours. Second, you can take a flight from Jakarta to Surabaya (Juanda International Airport) and then take bus, taxi or car charter to go to Malang which take at least 2.5 hours via Surabaya-Gempol highway. Especially for bus, you can take bus from Bungurasih bus station, which is the biggest bus station in East Java to Malang (Arjosari bus station). It is a suggestion to take "PATAS" (fast and limited) bus rather than regular bus. Last, you can take train from Surabaya to Malang (Kota Baru train station). There are regular service for train and executive class. If you need to cater a car from Airport to Malang VV, go around for sight seeing, an AC transport will be provided. There are frequent bus services from Surabaya's Bungarasih bus terminal. Overnight train services link Malang and Jakarta. There are several train services a day to Surabaya in 'ekonomi' and executive class from Gubeng station at Surabaya. One advantage to arriving in Malang by train is that the station is much more central than the long-distance bus terminals.
You can catch public transportation (angkot/mikrolet), a blue van that will take you around the city. It charges you Rp 2.000,00. We suggest if you need comfort travelling to have sight seeing completely with full service inside, the better is to contact travel bureau.

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Senoaji said...

ehh entu lambang Malang jaman kapan tuh? yoi banget, btw i've went to malang, i'd love to go there,hope someday i've those opportunity



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